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Jr. Cougar Baseball
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2018 Fees

7U - $200
8U-14U - $300


Your fees for Junior Cougar Baseball pays for the following:

Investments to fund Capital improvement Projects - $30,000 for Jr Cougar Batting Cages/Tunnels which are available daily for Junior Cougars.  First Class portable pitching mounds at every field.  New Field installations (Jackson School field in 2016-17) fences in front of player benches for saftey.

Additional Field Expenses - Expenses include but are not limited to - Gas for mowers, chalk for chalk lines, Turface Quik dry for fields, temporary outfield fences, sheds. We have built sheds in both 2016 and 2017.  2018 purchase of a used mower for $350 for Arthur diamond.

League Fees - Including - 3 dozen baseballs for each age group, insurance for each team, entry into the PST league for each team.  2018 fees insurance, league fees and baseballs = $8325 plus Field Fees - $1260 = $9585 total.

Jerseys/Hats -  We provide a jersey and hat for every player and coaching shirt and hat for every coach.  In 2018 we provided over 150 players and over 20 coaches with this apparel.  Jerseys and Hats including coaching shirts and hats for 2018 = $14,000.

Lawn Service - We are responsible for mowing some areas of Hiawatha for the use of the field there.  These areas cannot be mowed with the type of mowers we have so it is contracted out.  Pesticides - occasionally we have to spray our fields and this is also contracted out.

Port A Johnny's - We provided these at 6 of our fields at a cost of $65 per month per field for a 4 to 5 month period.

USSSA Fees - Each team is required to register with USSSA at a cost of $55 per team.  This is remibursed by Junior Cougars each year.

Insurance for mowers/sheds - We carry insurance for our two sheds and three mowers at a cost of $565 per year.

Accounting fees for Tax Filling - Annual cost of auditing books and filing for Jr Cougar Baseball.  $1900.00

Other Contracted Services - We contract out our website administrator and pay for the cost of the website and domain yearly. $5,500 plus website domain each year of $24.99.

Misc Office expense - Minimial expenses of envelopes, stamps and ink for printer to print off receipts, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at  We will be happy to answer your questions.












President - Coach Bret Hoyer

Connie Caviness –  Treasurer, Website and Communications

Trent Donels – Fields & Maintenance

Jason Anderson – Fields and Maintenance

John Behn – Fundraising

Todd Becker – Major Coach Advisor

Jordan Caviness – Fundraising & Advisor

Todd Ambrosy – Advisor

Jake Nauman - Advisor

For questions about teams please contact the age group director.

7U - 9U Teams
Adam Walsh -

10U - 12U  Teams
John Behn -

13U & 14U Teams
Trent Donels -

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